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Locating Your Model and Serial Numbers

The model and serial numbers are essential to find correct Tanaka genuine factory replacement part numbers for your outdoor power equipment. Once you know these numbers, you can use the illustrated parts look-up tool to easily search for the correct part numbers needed.
What should my model and serial number look like?
Tanaka model numbers are generally found on a label on top of the Recoil housing of the machine. Some machines also have a serial number as well as a model number if so you will need both numbers to get the correct drawings.

Serial numbers typically look like this letter and six numbers :K0923456.

Model numbers look typically like this THT2100, TPH200, TBC200S.
Where do I find the model and serial number tags?
Identification tags are located in areas unlikely to need replacement - even after years of use. For most of our power equipment. The serial number tag is normally a small yellow label mounted on the side of the engine,model numbers are normally located on the top of the recoil housing.

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