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Chainsaw safety with Tanaka

20 June 2017 09:27

Chainsaws are a powerful and effective piece of equipment to use when cutting trees and timber. Although very impressive in performance, it is extremely important to know how to be safe when using this potentially dangerous tool.

So how can you operate a chainsaw safely? 

- Wear protective clothing and eye wear such as sturdy boots, long trousers and a hard helmet. Chainsaw chaps are also a great choice. They feature layers of Kevlar and a protective shell that work to stop the operation of the tool if it was to come in contact with the leg area.

- Know how to deal with kickback, which occurs when the tip of the chainsaw bar strikes an unexpected object and forces the tool to quickly move upwards. This can be prevented by being aware of the position of the tool and having a firm two handed grip at all times during use.

-  Start the Chainsaw on the ground, preferably between your legs and have a strategy of how you are going to approach the objects you plan to saw. Make sure your area is clear of any obstacles before starting.

We stock ...

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  1. How far away is your hedge from your home?
  2. What type of hedges do you have?
  3. How much of the hedge do you need to remove?
  4. How much are you willing to spend?
Answering these questions will give you a better understanding of what type of hedge trimmer suit your requirements.

What type of hedge trimmers are available?

Electric hedge trimmers

These tend to be lighter but fairly powerful trimmers that are suitable for smaller gardens as they have to be plugged into a power socket via an extension cable to work. It’s possible to use purchase longer cables to extend their range but this isn’t recommended as it gives inconsistent voltage.

Cordless hedge trimmers

Cordless hedge trimmers get their power from a rechargeable battery back which enables users more freedom of movement, but a limited usage period. Often batteries last 30-60 minutes and take at least that to re-charge again. Batteries also degrade over time especially if not used ...

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The only petrol chainsaw you need

15 January 2016 06:10
Petrol chainsaw will effortlessly power through wood and other materials easily making them a perfect choice for all types of jobs. Tanaka chainsaws in particular are lightweight, and responsive, and come with a range of cc engine sizes to meet the challenge of any job.

Petrol chainsaws have many other advantages which mean that you can complete your job with ease. As these types of chainsaw use fuel instead of electricity, this removes the likely danger of cutting through a cord during its use. Difficult spaces needing a chainsaw can be easily controlled with these tools. If you need to make precise cuts, when for instance you are trimming shrubs and trees, then these chainsaws give anyone the freedom to move swiftly.

Tanaka have different collections of petrol chainsaw comprising a range of domestic chainsaws, semi-professional and professional chainsaws.

Many people are looking for a high performance tool that ...

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Having a brush cutter is going to make it easier to keep your garden clean in time for autumn, but there are other things you can do to further tidy it up. You may enrich it now with compost for one: just apply it evenly on the garden bed soil and with the aid of earthworms, it will improve the soil.

Cleaning Up Your Garden

Start by gathering dried seed from the vegetables and flowers and save it for the next year. It’s also a good time to clean the bird feeders: birds help get rid of garden pests so it only makes sense to keep the bird feeders enticing so they’ll keep coming back. While you’re cleaning, do the cuttings now before the cold season mushes up your plants.

It’s also a good time to cut the perennials, especially the diseased ones, and get rid of excess foliage and dispose of them properly. Use your garden tools to remove leaves, cut grass and do general cleaning, and when you’re done, clean, oil and sand these tools before storing.

Until the ground starts to freeze you should keep watering the shrubs and trees because they’re ...

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Tanaka Leaf Blowers

Autumn has arrived. That only means football season has finally come, and new shows are back on TV. Autumn also means having to deal with leaves falling in your pavements and lawns. But at least nowadays you don’t have to rely on just your rake to collect all of them. With a petrol leaf blower, the chore becomes so much easier, and it’s even fun.

Choosing Your Leaf Blower

Nowadays, you have a wide range of options when it comes to your leaf blower. A look at the available options among the Tanaka leaf blower models shows you just what kind of choices you have. They’re all of high quality, and they illustrate how modern leaf blowers have become more powerful and yet quieter than ever before.

  • Tanaka TRB-24EAP Petrol Blower. This is a handheld model that makes quick work of even big tasks. The 23.9 cc commercial-grade engine doesn’t produce as much fumes, which makes compliant with CARB Tier III standards. But it delivers airspeeds of up to 170 miles per hour.
  • Tanaka THB-260PF. This is a commercial-grade handheld blower with lots of special features. The extra-long nozzle offers ...

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How to use a brushcutter

26 September 2015 02:16

How to use a brush cutter

Brush cutters and indeed grass trimmers are flexible in that they can be used in different scenarios including cutting hedge rows, forestries, home gardens, grass verges and pretty much anywhere depending on your requirements.


Typically as the higher up the brushcutter range you go, the more power is supplied by the engines. Having power at your disposal enables you to utilise heavier duty cutting heads.

Shaft types

Brushcutters that are fitted with small bent shafts are typically easy to use and lightweight. This are perfect for garden use as they are equipped for trimming grass.

Straight shaft models open up the possibilities of a wider selection of cutting heads and choice of engines.

Cutting Heads

Any good range of brushcutter models offer varied attachments tailored for different cutting tasks.

Nylon Line

Typically available on all types of trimmer for doing smaller or softer plants and weeds as well as grass.


Light and medium weight trimmers use polycut with three plastic knives on each head giving you the ability to cut through thicker brush.

Metal Blades

These are heavy duty and normally found on straight ...

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Whatever part or spare you need for your Tanaka Brushcutter product, we’ve got it online ready to order.

 From carburettors to clutch cases, to tools & nylon heads for any Tanaka Brushcutter model then you can buy it through

 Here’s just some of the models you can order parts for:
To search for spare part for your Tanaka Brushcutter equipment then simply use the search above and enter your model or serial number. And if you don’t see the part of spare you need just drop us an email.Read more

Tanaka Chainsaw Parts

27 July 2015 08:02

Looking for a spares or replacements parts for your Tanaka chainsaw?

Tanaka Spares stocks everything you need to keep your Tanaka Chainsaw in top working order.

From crank cases to air cleaners to mufflers and more, you can order the Tanaka chainsaw part you require online at Tanaka Spares. All the spares we provide are genuine UK sourced for Tanaka Chainsaw models including:

And lots more! See our full range here…

We also stock brand new Tanaka Chainsaws…

All come with 2 years manufacturers warranty, available to order online. View our full range of models.

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With Summer in full flow, whether you’re a professional or home gardener you’re probably busy doing important landscaping or gardening jobs as the heat wave hits. With hedges to cut down, trim and maintain it’s essential you have the right tools for the job.

Buy Tanaka Petrol Hedge Cutters and Parts

We stock the latest Petrol Hedge Cutters and trimmers as well as spares and parts including the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Double Sided Petrol Hedge Cutter, TCH22EBP2, TCH22ECP2 plus the single sided Tanaka THT 240, THT 2530 and the THT 2540.

Make sure you’ve got right equipment for the job with Tanaka Petrol Hedge Cutters at Tanaka Spares. Check out the full range here.

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Tanaka Trimmers

23 May 2015 01:57
Tanaka Trimmers are built for reliability, ease of use and designed using revolutionary concepts. We stock a range of Tanaka Trimmers including:

Tanaka TPH 230SS Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Tanaka TPH230SS long reach trimmer is the shortest in the range. It’s 600mm pole and is suitable for trimming hedges approximately 8ft high.
It has the innovative Tanaka's S-start system for easy starting. This means that you can start the Tanaka TPH 230SS Pole Hedge Trimmer with just your thumb and finger.
It’s super powerful two stroke engine is 22cc outputting 0.7kW of power. The engine is built with two piston rings and chrome plated cylinder for longer and more reliable performance.


The Tanaka Pole Hedgetrimmer TPH 230S is a flexible and versatile tool that can be used as a hedgetrimmer and brushcutter.
Designed to be lightweight so that it be used daily commercially, the engine starts smoothly and requires less upto fifty percent less pulling force thanks to Tanaka’s revolutionary S-Start System.
The Tanaka Pole Hedgetrimmer TPH 230S has been engineered with a precise gear case producing a total angle of 135°. Use an angle of ...

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Welcome to Tanaka Spares...

06 May 2015 08:39

The UK’s most comprehensive online retailer of genuine Tanaka spare parts and products...

Whatever Tanaka Spare Part or component you need for your Tanaka product, you can order it from us here at Tanaka Spares.

As well as Tanaka spares, you can also order from our full range of brand new Tanaka products including Tanaka Petrol Hedge Cutters, Tanaka Petrol Blowers, Tanaka Pole Pruners & Trimmers, Tanaka Brushcutters and Attachments, Tanaka Petrol Chainsaws and Tanaka Special Purpose Tools including Tanaka Engine Drills, Water Pumps, Augers and more.

 If you can’t see the Tanaka spare or product you're looking for on our website then all you need to do is drop us an email at or call us on 0333 207 6337 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Remember though, you can still order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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New website launched

22 March 2015 01:13
Welcome to Tanaka Spares website.

Here you can find spare parts for you tanaka equipment and new tanaka products

Watch this space as the website is being updated daily with new parts and drawings

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