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Tanaka Trimmers

Tanaka Trimmers are built for reliability, ease of use and designed using revolutionary concepts. We stock a range of Tanaka Trimmers including:

Tanaka TPH 230SS Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Tanaka TPH230SS long reach trimmer is the shortest in the range. It’s 600mm pole and is suitable for trimming hedges approximately 8ft high.
It has the innovative Tanaka's S-start system for easy starting. This means that you can start the Tanaka TPH 230SS Pole Hedge Trimmer with just your thumb and finger.
It’s super powerful two stroke engine is 22cc outputting 0.7kW of power. The engine is built with two piston rings and chrome plated cylinder for longer and more reliable performance.


The Tanaka Pole Hedgetrimmer TPH 230S is a flexible and versatile tool that can be used as a hedgetrimmer and brushcutter.
Designed to be lightweight so that it be used daily commercially, the engine starts smoothly and requires less upto fifty percent less pulling force thanks to Tanaka’s revolutionary S-Start System.
The Tanaka Pole Hedgetrimmer TPH 230S has been engineered with a precise gear case producing a total angle of 135°. Use an angle of 90° downwards for trimming hedge tops up to nine feet high. Change to an angle of 45° upwards to use as highly effective brushcutter.


Start the Tanaka TCH27EPA (S) Petrol Pole Trimmer using just your finger and thumb, whic is all down to the Tanaka S-start easy starting system.
I’ts two stroke, 27cc engine featuring two piston rings plus a stress relieved chrome plated cylinder for longer lasting use, produces 1.3/5 Hp.
For added comfort and easier maneuverability, this model has an Anti-Vibration D Handle that is even padded.
Select any cutting angle from less than 90 to plus 45 degrees (135 degrees total) with articulating, pivoting blades. Double-Sided, Dual Reciprocating Blades give you superb cutting speed and even more powerful cutting action.
23 May 2015 13:57