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Tanaka TCS 51EAP Petrol Chainsaw 18" Cutter Bar + Free Mixing Bottle

Built to Tanaka’s usual exacting specifications and developing a substantial 2.6kw from its 50cc engine, this model will prove a great buy whether you’re a landscape professional, or simply a demanding domestic user. The engine itself is a high performance two-stroke unit that benefits from the employment of Tanaka’s pioneering Pure Fire technology, which leads to a significant 30% reduction in fuel consumption; and a massive 70% reduction in damaging exhaust particulates. The Tanaka TCS 51EAP Petrol Chainsaw is fitted with an Oregon®-brand chain and bar, which not only works to optimise cutting-performance, but also lessens the chance that the saw will ‘kick-back’ (if it does, the chain is stopped in a fraction of a second by a heavy duty chain brake).


  • A versatile utility saw for a variety of domestic and agricultural chainsaw tasks
  • Pure Fire engine: emissions are cut by 70%; fuel consumption by 30%
  • Capacious 0.53 litre fuel tank for reduced downtime
  • Oregon®-brand bar and chain for the best possible cut
  • Adjustable chain-oiler for the management of changing timber densities
  • Fast-acting chain brake for optimum ‘kick-back’ protection
  • Weighs just 5.1 kg
  • Next Day Free Delivery


  • Engine displacement 50cc
  • Power 2.6kw
  • Easy start decompressor
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 0.53L
  • Oil tank capacity 0.27L
  • Chain pitch 0.325
  • Chain gauge 0.05”
  • Guide bar length 18”/ 450mm
  • Guide bar type Sprocket nose
  • Dry Weight 5.1kg

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